Guest Information

Dear guest,
We would like to inform you that our hotel unit and staff have taken all precautionary measures against COVID-19, in accordance with the health protocol, and the HEALTH FIRST certification, to provide you with a safe and at the same time pleasant environment.

Please note the following:

1. The use of antiseptic when entering and leaving is mandatory.
2. Check out is at 11.00 a.m. and check in at 15.00 pm to allow for the necessary time to disinfect the rooms.
3. The keys are placed in a special disinfection container during departure.
4. The submission of your personal data upon your arrival is mandatory.
5. Please keep the appropriate distances (1.5-2 meters) throughout your stay.
6. Electronic payments are recommended.
7. It is forbidden for non-residents to enter the rooms.

1. Prior to each arrival, the room and all surfaces are disinfected (in accordance with the protocols of the Ministry of Health no. the National Medicines Agency (EOF).
2. The changing of sheets and towels is done only at the request of the customer (please inform the reception).
3. The will be no daily cleaning of the rooms during your stay and is done only at the request of the customer (please inform the reception).
4. Decorative elements and common objects have been removed
5. Covers have been installed around the remote controls.
6. A / C filters are cleaned at each departure.
7. Frequent ventilation of the room is recommended.

Breakfast / Bar / Restaurant:
1. The use of antiseptic when you enter the breakfast area is mandatory.
2. Breakfast is served at the tables only by the competent staff with Personal Protective Equipment (MAP).
3. The buffet is covered with special protective sneeze guards.
4. The buffet is served only by the competent personnel who observe the Personal Protective Equipment (MAP).
5. The table seats and any other object used are completely disinfected after each customer change.
6. The minimum distance between the tables is 1.70m and 0.70 when there is no seat in the intermediate space.
7. Disposable paper placemats are used.
8. The maximum number of people per table is 6 people (excluding families).
9. Only packaged snacks in the bar are allowed.

1. Please make sure you have read the signs on the use of the pool.
2. Diving is prohibited.
3. It is forbidden to swallow water.
4. People with abrasions, injuries or children with diapers as well as people feeling ill are prohibited.
5. Customers are required to shower with soap before and after using the pool.
6. One bather per 5 m2 is allowed. (18 bather)
7. Swimming pools comply with special cleaning and disinfection rules in accordance with the law.
8. The pH and chlorine levels are checked regularly.
9. The sunbeds are placed at a distance of 2 meters.
10. After each customer change, disinfection is done from what has been used (sunbeds, menu, coffee table, etc.).

In case of illness, contact the reception immediately.

Health Officer: Mr. ANGELIKI MALAMATENIOU______ tel +306945468591_______________

useful phone numbers
Regional Clinic: (+30) 2424065208
Private Physician: Dr. Vouzas Dimitrios (+30) 2424066103, mobile: (+30) 6944423303
Pharmacy: (+30) 2424066096